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28th Annual MATHCOUNTS  
Held on February 1, 2012 at West Shore Community College.  

209 Studends taking the test at WSCC in the Recreation Center Arena

Competitors in the Countdown Round. Picked from the top ten individual scores in the Sprint, Target, and Team Rounds.

Fourth Place winners in the team rounds.

McKenzie Thompson, Jacob Nezki, Fallon Gates, Logan Mazer - Manistee Middle School. Third place winners in the team competition.

Ashley Harrie, Aidan Brown, Zach Gerovac, makenzie Condit - Ludington #1. Second place team winners.

Nolan Asiala, Mitchel Lange, Spencer Knizacky, Jason Mickevich - Mason County Central #1. First place winning team.

Conner Timinski

Mitchell Lange, Mason County Central

Ashley Harrie - Ludington

Mitchell Lange - Mason County Central, Ashley Harrie - Ludington. Tied for Third Place in the Individual Countdown Round.

Conner Timinski. Second Place winner in the Individual Countdown round.

Spencer Knizacky - Mason County Central. First Place winner in the Individual Countdown roung